About Event

About Event

 Twelfth Egypt Economic Forum 2020 - Industry The locomotive of growth - Egypt 2020 - Triumph Luxury Hotel - New Cairo 10 March 2020

This year, the forum seeks to present all investment opportunities and challenges in the field of industry through experts in the field of industry, banking, economics, finance and business. Over the past twelve sessions, the Egypt Economic Forum was able to be the link between the Egyptian government and the private sector in all fields. It is expected that 2020 will be the year of the Egyptian industry to support the Egyptian government's plan to support industry, exports and support growth Egypt 2020

 The forum this year will include many important sessions that will discuss that the industry is able to grow in Egypt / the Egyptian real estate industry and export the real estate in addition to supporting the sector and the money and business industry in Egypt and a special session on Egyptian exports working on the growth of exports in Egypt

In light of the central bank’s initiatives of about 50 billion pounds to support the Egyptian industry, this year’s Economic Forum of Egypt had to work to consolidate and solve the problems of Egyptian and foreign investors in the field of Egyptian industry, and this forum will be the link between everyone and is a wonderful opportunity for factory owners The list and a great opportunity also for owners of emerging factories, as well as an opportunity for exporters to discuss all ways to support the industry in Egypt and also work on factories with a B2B system

This conference will cover all aspects and aspects of the industry. It will be the main nerve in the development of the Egyptian industry in Egypt 2020


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